📢 Sat. Apr 10 🗓️

📷 #WeAreAllAssange Press Panel
🎙️Q&A Hosted by#Action4Assange !
#🤬 F*ck Censorship!

The event organizers will host a panel discussion covering both the broad and specific ways the ongoing torture and persecution of WikiLeaks founder and publisher,Julian Assange, impacts the future of activism and the independent media landscape.

- We'll follow up the brief discussion answering questions and discovering what we can build together. 
- We invite organizers from every issue that is not dependent on party politics but is issue based.. Whatever that issue may be we know this is a difficult time for all of us
- Many people have asked us to start a #GeneralStrike. Organizing and direct actions are exactly how you build movements.
We hope to come together on understanding how everything is connected.

Julian Assange has nearly every moment of the last two years in solitary confinement. The press was excluded or absent from his extradition.
Many of us are independent media journalists and are also being targeted s s censored. Combined we cover many issues important for the public to know.
If we like Julian Assange are silenced, we all suffer. Join us to #FreeAssangeNow & #FuckCensorship!


April 11th marks two years since Julian Assange was illegally and violently trafficked from the Ecuadoran embassy in London into solitary confinement in Belmarsh prison. Though his extradition to a secret court in the US was denied, he remains in the Guantanamo Bay of the UK on remand, awaiting the appeal process as a political prisoner.


The Assange community online has been gathering under the hashtag #WeAreAllAssange for many months now, and we have been growing. Action4Assange will host events in several US cities as part of the first #WeAreAllAssange international day of action, including Washington D.C.,
Seattle, WA, and Denver, CO, as well as London, England.


This is not only about Julian Assange but what he represents as a journalist. Truthfully the mainstream media’s propaganda, censorship, and lack of coverage on every issue related to the working class is a threat to any democracy. The Convo Couch and Action for Assange want people to understand that if we do not have press freedoms, we will not be able to fight for any issue we care about.


Many of us are currently censored or maligned like Julian. We are inviting activists and organizers from all issues, to join us in solidarity to demand justice for Julian Assange and for all of us working people and independent media suffering from the states propaganda narrative. No matter what the issue, we all need to fight for our ability to dissent. Through direct action we can begin the process of demanding power back from the machine. Meeting other activists & allies can grow our fight on the ground & strengthen our numbers.